Pencil 3D Drawings by Alessandro Diddi

I have seen lots of Pencil 3D Drawings on the internet but have rarely seen an artist with that amount of pencil 3D drawing that are all SUPER WOW. I brought you some of his work and you can follow him on deviantart where he posts his recent work. Alessandro Diddi is a 42-year-old Italian artist that specializes in pencil 3D drawing that tricks the mind:

I want my drawings to put across the message that the eye can trick the mind and make you believe that there are dimensions that are not really there.

Alessandro Diddi .

Here are some of his work:


door_and_stair_anamorphosis_by_alessandrodd-d5wmw00 double_illusion_by_alessandrodd-d5y57w9 ring__anamorphosis__by_alessandrodd-d5xkawj pencil_on_columns_by_alessandrodd-d5z74bk save_me__by_alessandrodd-d60o1y7 atlas_by_alessandrodd-d65qapd equilibrio_by_alessandrodd-d63tta5 jumping_dolphin_by_alessandrodd-d62yxrn rebellion_by_alessandrodd-d62i0osThanks you!


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